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Handmade kitchens direct make made to measure fitted and freestanding kitchens at great value for money! With over 200 fitted cabinets, made to any height and width, you can mix and match the fitted with the freestanding pieces. They also have a large variety of wood pieces to choose from… and provide a nationwide delivery service. They are supplied unpainted so you can finish them in any way and colour you like.

A great example of a Handmade kitchens direct kitchen, professionally painted in High Wycombe by one of our team at HPKUK

HPKUK Ltd are a nationwide team of specialist kitchen and bespoke furniture painters. We regularly receive enquiries from clients of Handmade kitchens direct asking us to professionally paint their new kitchen.

Why? You can just paint it yourself, right?

Of course… there is no reason why you can’t; decent brush, some primer and a tin of DIY furniture paint and off you go… You’ve made a great value purchase from handmade kitchens direct so why spend extra money having it professionally painted?  www.russpikeinteriors.co.uk

Use a substandard primer on any MDF and it will fur up like the shackles on a German Shepherd when the postman’s at the door… choose the wrong finish and your great value kitchen could end up looking like some piece of up-cycled sideboard in your local charity shop! That’s not to say, you cant make a half decent job yourself… handmade kitchens direct

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Your handmade kitchen will probably look something like this once fitted – unpainted

HPKUK Ltd specialist kitchen painters have years of experience, painting high-end bespoke kitchens for many of the countries leading manufacturers; our kitchen painters have the skill set, the knowledge, the expertise and access to the most successful and reliable paint systems in the business. handmade kitchens direct. handmade kitchens direct

Cabinet painting, blue kitchens, grey kitchens, high wycombe kitchen, hand painted blue, Hague blue, Cornforth

Choose one of our specialist kitchen painters to paint your new great value kitchen and your family and friends will be like… OMG! How much did that cost? Is it a Tom Howley Kitchen? Incidentally Tom Howley type kitchens start at around 45K!!!

Dont make a pigs ear out of a potential silk purse! handmade kitchens direct

Our specialist kitchen painters will discuss colour options with you and help you decide which colours work best with your kitchen layout, surroundings, natural light sources and lighting you have in place. They will prepare your kitchen meticulously: all work-surfaces and flooring will be masked off and protected. All hardware will be removed… the doors and draws will be removed where necessary. HPKUK specialist kitchen painters use the very best materials available in creating your beautiful new kitchen. You can choose from a 10% to a 30% mid sheen level finish, with a colour palette only limited by your imagination.

kitchen cabinet painter, hauge blue, cornforth white. specialist kitchen painter, cabinet painter

The kitchen featured was finished in equivalent colours to Farrow and Ball “Hauge Blue” on the Island and “Cornforth white” on the main kitchen cabinets. Many of our specialist kitchen painters can spray a kitchen both on site or take the removable items, such as the kitchen cupboards, away to be sprayed within their own factory location.

Our team of kitchen painters work hard to make your kitchen dream a reality, taking new unpainted handmade kitchens, previously painted kitchens or tired old cabinets and drawers, and transforming them into showroom quality pieces. Their beautiful work can be found in homes across the nation and we have more examples to show you.

painted blue kitchen, Cornforth white kitchen, handmade kitchens direct, Hague blue, Stiffkey Blue, kitchen cabinet painting

Whether it’s a sprayed kitchen or a hand painted kitchen, the choice is ultimately yours. For more information and to speak with our specialist kitchen painters contact HPKUK today. We will be more than happy to discuss your requirements.

You can find out more information about painting handmade kitchens direct by clicking on the link here.


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