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Kitchen Makeover London

Kitchen makeover Bethnal Green, London… the client purchased her apartment about 6 years ago but never really liked the kitchen in the open plan living room. Having worked from home throughout lockdown she was just itching to revamp the room. Kitchen makeover London

Looking at the options available and following a thorough internet search, the client contacted us here at HPKUK. Impressed with our approach and even more so Lorna’s, the client employed her kitchen painting services to carry out this fabulous makeover.

Painting the Cabinets

Lorna has many years of experience revitalising tired dated kitchens and her knowledge and expertise instantly came to good use and won the client over with this kitchen makeover London.

Kitchen Makeover London

Lorna has a variety of tried and trusted painting procedures, with this particular surface she used a specialist high adhesion primer after a thorough clean down of all the kitchen cabinets. She then applied three top coats of hard wearing durable paint. Kitchen makeover London

kitchen makeover London

The units were constructed with a faux wood veneer, which was absorbing the light in this open plan area. Lorna discussed various colour options and a colour matched to Little Green Normandy Grey was chosen. This would reflect much more light into the room and give the appearance of more space. Kitchen makeover London

kitchen makeover London

Lorna is based in Islington and ply’s her craft throughout North London and surrounding Boroughs. Besides her experience in kitchen makeovers like this one featured, Lorna has extensive knowledge in new installations too. Like this recent project in Brixton which looks absolutely stunning!

Rejuvenate your kitchen cabinets

During the past 12 months, many of us have spent more time at home then ever before… our lifestyles and habits have changed. Rejuvenating your kitchen cabinets is a great way to add new life into your kitchen and brighten up your home. Professionally painted kitchen cabinets with new cabinet hardware is a cost effective way of creating a showroom look to your existing kitchen.

There are lots of products readily available for DIY enthusiasts and step by step HOW TO guides in magazine supplements or on the internet. Some can be quite mis-leading and often give the wrong advice and guidance. We’ve seen some real DIY SOS disasters and by so called tradesman too!

Here at HPKUK, we have spent many years honing our craft skills and investing time and money into sourcing the very best products and equipment to carry out this kind of work.

Kitchen Makeover London

A tin of furniture paint and a pack of brushes from your local DIY shed, may seem like a good idea for a weekend project. However, if you have a kitchen that is worth investing in, then its well worth investing in a professional kitchen painter to carry out the work.

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