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Howdens Painted Kitchen Essex

Howdens painted kitchen Essex which was in need of refreshing. The work was carried out by Lorna, one of our specialist kitchen painters based in Islington, London. Howdens painted kitchen Essex

Lorna has extensive knowledge and experience in hand painted finishes and revamping existing kitchens like this one, as well as new installations. Her expertise and customer service, has earned her an excellent reputation and her services are always in high demand throughout the London area.

Painted Howdens kitchens

This kitchen wasn’t that old but was showing signs of wear and tear in various areas with the paint peeling back and revealing bare timber. It was definitely the right time to revamp this nicely planned and still totally functional kitchen and give it a new lease of life.

Dust free sanding

Over the past few years Lorna has invested significantly in dust free sanding equipment. This ensures, not only is the preparation work carried out effectively and efficiently but also in an environmentally safe manner.

Howdens painted Kitchen Essex

Painted kitchen colours

Lorna has a degree and background in fine art, so she is well trained and has an eye for colour besides attention to detail. Creating colour palettes and mood boards comes as second nature to Lorna.

Although there wasn’t any dramatic colour change, the clients felt a little restricted by the terrazzo style countertop and chose a restful colour from Little Green Paint Co, Normandy Gray 79‘ which is a timeless grey stone colour with undisputed elegance and personality.

Cabinet Hardware

The type, style and finish of cabinet handles or knobs can change the whole look of your kitchen or furniture. We know how important to get the right look and quality, which is why HPKUK teamed up with Slingers Ironmongers who have such a huge selection of cabinet handles for you to choose from. Whether you are building a completely new kitchen and need some kitchen knobs, or are updating existing one, with new cupboard handles, Slingers Ironmongers have a broad range of different colours, finishes, materials and styles to ensure you find what you are looking for.

Howdens painted kitchen Essex

Hand painted kitchens

Everyone at Hand Painted Kitchens UK (HPKUK) shares the same philosophy of taking tired looking wooden kitchens and transforming them back into stunning, showroom quality and functional centre pieces that sit at the heart of the home. Howdens painted kitchen Essex

We have built a reputation for exceptional quality, attention to detail and craftsmanship and that’s exactly what you’ll receive when dealing with any of our expert kitchen painters.

If you have a project in the pipeline for updating and refreshing your existing kitchen or possibly a new installation which requires the services of a professional kitchen painter. You can ENGAGE WITH US here. for an on-line free quotation. Howdens painted kitchen Essex