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Exquisite hand painted kitchen cabinets in Northamptonshire

They say that the kitchen is the heart of the home and what better room to congregate in with family and friends than one that’s filled with a beautifully hand painted kitchen?

Here at HPKUK, our professional kitchen cabinet painters cover the entire of Northamptonshire, right through from the northern border with Leicestshire, Rutland and Cambridgeshire and Bedfordshire in the south.

During the last 25 years, we have expertly hand painted more than 500 kitchens, spanning homes in Northampton, Wellingborough, Kettering, Corby and more. Everything we do is bespoke to our clients, with no two HPKUK kitchens ever being the same.

We cater to all requests, tastes, lifestyles and kitchen finishes, such as wooden, pre-painted, MDF and vinyl wrapped, with every one of our beautiful hand painted kitchen cabinets bringing the epitome of sophistication back into the home.

How we work

Every project begins the very same way, by covering every inch of flat surface surrounding the kitchen cabinets to protect your appliances, worktops, flooring and anything else that sits close by.

Next we prep every kitchen surface that is to be painted with a deep clean and rinse including both sides of the kitchen cabinet doors, side panels, plinths, pelmets and cornices; followed by the application of a high adhesion grip primer.

Over the coming days, numerous coats of hardwearing furniture paint is hand applied to each surface, sanding between each application to provide a flawless finish. Hand painting kitchen cabinets cannot be rushed and is a timely process that uses a range of techniques to highlight all the delicate details of your cabinets and cornices, and really bring your kitchen back to showroom condition. And it’s this same quality care and attention that delivers a stylish yet durable kitchen that remains like new.

What our Northamptonshire clients say

We’ve developed an exceptional reputation for creating beautiful hand painted kitchens, with our superb kitchen cabinet painters bringing exceptional attention to detail and craftsmanship to kitchens across Northamptonshire and beyond. Here’s what one customer said about their HPKUK experience: jsdecor russpikeinteriors

“The team are exceptionally proficient in every part of the process. The work was done speedily and productively with remarkable polished skill guaranteeing the minimum conceivable interruption, amid a nine day extend.

“A kitchen remodel utilising HPKUK resembles nothing I have ever experienced before in the contractual worker division. By 3pm every single day my kitchen was completely working and usable until the next morning when work started once more. I can and would suggest them decisively.

“To a great degree, a great incentive for cash. We believe we acquired ‘another’ kitchen at a small amount of the cost and the long stretches of bother that the potential new units (that would have taken a toll several £thousands) would have involved.”

What a hand painted kitchen would cost

Every project is quoted for on an individual basis to ensure it reflects the size, complexity and more, whilst always making sure that you receive exceptional value. On average, a project usually begins at £100 per kitchen cabinet door, with a small wooden kitchen that is lacquered oak or pine in finish usually costing around £1,300 to fully prime and hand paint.

A larger sized kitchen project can cost around £7,000 from start to finish, yet every project receives a fixed quote, which does not change throughout the duration unless more or less work is required, with you as the client, always receiving a new estimation in such instances.

Our kitchen cabinet painters celebrate traditional craftsmanship, with every brush stroke using only the very best materials and our expert knowledge to create an exceptional finish that continues to set a precedent for high end kitchen painting in Northamptonshire, the South Midlands of England and beyond. exquisite hand painted kitchen cabinets in Northamptonshire

So whether it’s traditional opulence or 21stcentury styling, our kitchen cabinet painters create beautiful and functional hand painted kitchens that suit you. Wherever you are based in Northamptonshire, you can expect the same high quality of craftsmanship from HPKUK.

To find out more about hand painted kitchen cabinets and furniture projects in Northamptonshire and beyond and to discuss a project, contact us today.