Hand Painting A Wooden Kitchen

Whether you desire contemporary or traditional style, HPKUK will make your dream kitchen style a reality

Our expert kitchen hand painters and spray kitchen painters take every project from concept to completion to the highest of standards, working with you to ensure that no detail of overlooked and that your finished painted kitchen is everything that you desired.

Decades of expertise, combined with the best kitchen painting skills and techniques, means they can paint over any kitchen cupboard and kitchen cabinet material and finish including wood, MDF, pre-painted, vinyl wrapped, lacquer, varnish and factory sprayed.


A Commitment To You

Everyone at Hand Painted Kitchens UK (HPKUK) shares the same philosophy of taking tired looking wooden kitchens and transforming them back into stunning, showroom quality and functional centre pieces that sit at the heart of the home. All are dedicated to ensuring that every hand painted kitchen or sprayed kitchen they create is never anything short of exceptional, working together with clients until they are completely satisfied that their dream kitchen vision has been achieved.

Quoting For Your Project

Our expert kitchen painters work with you to understand your requirements and what you’re looking to achieve in your newly painted kitchen, such as the desired style, colour and finish. Taking into consideration the size of your kitchen including the number of doors, as well as their material, they will provide a quote based on the scope of work to be completed.

kitchen painter

Protecting Your Home

Whether its hand painting a kitchen or spraying a kitchen, every kitchen project begins on site by covering every inch of surface that surrounds your kitchen cabinets to protect everything nearby including worktops, flooring and appliances. All kitchen cabinet surfaces that are to be painted or sprayed are then given a deep clean on both sides and covered with a high adhesion grip primer.

The Kitchen Painting Process

Over the next few days a number of coats of hardwearing furniture paint are either hand painted or sprayed onto every surface in your chosen shade of high quality furniture paint from the extensive range of colours available. This stage cannot be rushed and sanding between every application helps to provide a flawless yet durable finish. Members of HPKUK also offer a range of optional extras to deliver an exceptional transformation to your painted kitchen including it being personalised with new features such as knobs or handles. In addition to making the entire process of painting a wooden kitchen stress-free, our experienced kitchen painters will also advise on the best aftercare to ensure your kitchen remains as new.