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Painted kitchen Muswell Hill

Handmade Kitchen Muswell Hill

This handmade kitchen Muswell Hill, is another great example of a professionally painted Handmade kitchens of Christchurch kitchen, as they are often referred too. This one was hand painted by Islington based Lorna, one of our specialist kitchen cabinet painters at HPKUK. These ever popular (off the shelf) kitchens can be made to look like a very expensive bespoke kitchen by utilising the skills of a professional kitchen painter. Lorna works throughout Greater London and its surrounding Boroughs, offering quality hand painted finishes. Handmade kitchens Direct Muswell Hill

Made to measure, fitted and freestanding kitchens at great value for money! With over 200 fitted cabinets, made to any height and width, you can mix and match the fitted with the freestanding pieces. They also have a large variety of wood pieces to choose from… and provide a nationwide delivery service. They are supplied unpainted so you can finish them in any way and colour you like.

The Painting Part!

Do you go Pro or have a go? Painting a bare-wood kitchen can be quite a daunting task, even to an experienced DIY’er… there are lots of factors to consider:

  • Do I take the doors off ?
  • What type of primer?
  • How many coats of primer?
  • What type of top coat paint?
  • How many top coats?
  • Do I need special brushes?
  • Is it better to have it sprayed?
  • Or hand painted?
  • Choosing a pro kitchen painter?
  • Expectations from a pro painter?

The list is endless… but there is however, lots of information on the internet and tutorials on YouTube from professionals, right? Some even claim to be endorsed by the manufacturers! Others give away all there trade practices! Hmmmm!! Marketing hype!!? Here’s our take on it…

Why choose HPKUK?

All of our specialist kitchen painters will discuss colour options with you and help you decide which colours work best with your kitchen layout, surroundings, natural light sources and lighting you have in place. They will prepare your kitchen meticulously: all work-surfaces and flooring will be masked off and protected. All hardware will be removed… the doors and draws will be removed where necessary.

HPKUK specialist kitchen painters use the very best materials available in creating your beautiful new kitchen. You can choose from a 10% to a 30% mid sheen level finish, with a colour palette only limited by your imagination. Once you accept a quote from one of our specialists, we will talk you through every stage of the process. A kitchen like this one featured will take up to 2 weeks to prepare and paint (not 4 days).

Painted Kitchen Muswell Hill

The clients did a lot of research and took inspiration from various kitchen layouts and colour schemes they had found on the internet. The colour of choice was “Kitchen Green” by The Little Green Paint Company. They also employed the services of an experienced carpenter/kitchen fitter and Lorna of course to hand paint it. Handmade kitchen Muswell Hill

Painted Kitchen Muswell Hill

There is a fair bit of work hand-painting a handmade kitchen in bare wood like this; applying the correct primer is key! The specialist furniture paints we use will leave a subtle, soft yet durable finish. First job on this (in-frame kitchen) is to dismantle all removable items such as doors and draws, so we have full access to the frames and hinge edges to frames and doors.

Handmade kitchen Muswell Hill

It may seem like a lot of work but the end result is far better as all areas receive the full paint system. The insides of the cupboards will receive to coats of hard wax oil, which the client is going to do afterwards to save on costs!

Handmade kitchen Muswell Hill

Lorna’s work is excellent. I would highly recommend and she was an absolute pleasure to work with!

T Griffini

At HPKUK, we pride ourselves in our quality of service and deliver exceptional levels of craftsmanship and professionalism every time. From start to finish, we will ensure the requirements of your hand painted kitchen or sprayed kitchen project are met, on time and within budget.

Our highly skilled specialist kitchen painters cover the entire UK, Wales, Scotland, Ireland and the Malaga region of Mainland Spain 

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Handmade kitchen Muswell Hill

To find out more about what we do and to discuss your kitchen project, whether its hand painting a kitchen or spraying a kitchen, then get in touch with HPKUK. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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