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Gilding and Graining Specialist in London

Our gilding and graining specialist in London has many years of experience applying gold leaf and other metal leaf to exquisite homes and properties throughout the City of London and surrounding boroughs…
This is a fabulous gilding project carried out to a chimney breast in Hampstead, the London borough of Camden. An affluent residential community long favoured by academics, artists and media figures. It showcases just a snippet of the true craftsmanship from our Artisan gilding and graining specialist in London.

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HPKUK specialist gilder Russell has applied his craft to high-end decorative projects such as this for many years and does so with a passion and dedication that is inspiring to us all… originally taught under the watchful eye of his father Robert. who is what we consider to be a “Master” gilding and graining specialist in London. You can find examples of Robert and Russell’s skills and craftsmanship in some of the most prestigious properties around the City of London and beyond!

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This project began with sanding smooth the old gold leaf, which had been applied some 30 years previously. Next step after dusting off and wiping over with tack cloths was to apply a specialist high grip primer. Once fully dried overnight, a full coat of oil-based eggshell tinted to a red oxide colour was applied and left to fully dry out. Then 2 x coats of water-based wonder size were applied in 4-hour intervals.

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Starting straight from the eye and keeping the small sheets of gold leaf in a vertical position… leaf by leaf the gold was applied accurately and meticulously, allowing an overlap on each leaf of 5mm. Once all the books of gold leaf had been applied the excess overlap was brushed off using a soft French polishers mop and polished with a soft clean cloth.
To finish and protect the gold leaf, 2 x coats of oil-based varnish was applied and left to fully cure.

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Did you know we are specialist kitchen painters?

Our specialist kitchen, furniture painters and artisans use the same ethos to deliver the highest quality finish alongside minimal disruption to your home. Throughout every project, no kitchen cupboard, cabinet, drawer or even a chimney breast is overlooked. by making sure they’re all prepared and primed in the same way to deliver a flawless and lasting finish every time.

Professional and highly skilled kitchen cabinet painters and kitchen cupboard painters, gilders and grainers will work within your existing layout to either apply a hand painted finish or spray painted kitchen. If you wish, we can apply a specialist decorative finish depending on your preferred option. www.russpikeinteriors.co.uk

HPKUK members are handpicked based on their individual skills and professionalism within the kitchen painting and decorative finishing profession. So, you can remain confident and have peace of mind that giving your kitchen and home a beautiful new lease of life is our number one priority. gilding and graining specialist in London
A beautiful kitchen can add thousands of pounds in value and huge desirability to your home. We’re now a nation of kitchen lovers, with more people saying that they prefer their kitchen over their bedroom.
Whatever the size of your project, you can rest assured that you’ll always receive the same exceptional finish and service from every one of our HPKUK specialist kitchen painters.
Start your journey to a beautiful hand painted kitchen or sprayed kitchen today and get in touch with HPKUK to discuss your project or for a quote.

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