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Gilding Specialist London

Gilding Specialist London is Russell Woodland, who has been applying his craft throughout the City of London and various parts of Europe for many years. An accomplished decorative artisan painter, restorer and conservator. Russell has an amazing back catalogue of work and the pedigree to match!

The Gilder

A very humble man that describes himself as a house painter. This description couldnt be further from the truth on Russell’s decorative skills and capabilities. Predominately he is a Gilding Specialist, applying gold leaf and other metal leaf to intricate, detailed and ornamental surfaces. He is a Master Craftsman, who most definitely has that Midas touch!

Gilding specialist London

Originally trained under the watchful eye of his father Robert Woodland. His fathers training was often strict and methodical and has given Russell an old school work ethic and some rare characteristics.

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Together as Robert Woodland and Son (gilding specialist London) their traditional yet often sophisticated craft skills have been applied to some of the most prestigious buildings and homes, throughout the City of London and afar! From the halls of Westminister (Houses of Comman) to Royal residences for the UK and Middle East.

The Philanthropist

Upon meeting Russell you soon realise his craft is the fundamental basis for most, if not all of his work ethic and his focus, passion and dedication show this. With his wealth of knowledge and experience, he is always on hand to share or offer help and advice to others.

Russell Woodland – Gilding Specialist London

Whenever you see him, he’s suited and booted, not a ragged trouser in sight but at work he’s never happier! With a metal paint kettle with layer upon layer of dried on paint skin and a well cut 1″ cutting in brush… you know the sort, you can run a line around glazed putties with in minutes. He is most definitely old school.

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What is Gold Leaf?

Gold leaf is gold that has been hammered into thin sheets by gold beating and is often used for gilding. Gold leaf is available in a wide variety of karats and shades. The most commonly used gold is 22-karat yellow gold.
Gold leaf is a type of metal leaf, but the term is rarely used when referring to gold leaf. The term metal leaf is normally used for thin sheets of metal of any color that do not contain any real gold. Pure gold is 24 karets. Real, yellow gold leaf is approximately 91.7% pure gold. Silver-coloured white gold is about 50% pure gold. Layering gold leaf over a surface is called gold leafing or gilding (wikipedia)


Give the man some gold size, a gilders tip, a gilders mop and his imagination will create you something quite unique and dazzling!

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The Artisan Painter

Russell is a true Artisan in every sense of the word, passionate and dedicated to his craft using traditional skills and practices. Still mixing his own glazes on-site, he loves to create something unusual and bespoke. These internal paneled doors for a client in Southend on Sea are an exact copy from the house of fashion designer Versace.

Russell is an accomplished kitchen and furniture painter, to add to his skill set and covers central London on behalf of HPKUK and is one of the original founding members. However, he’d cringe to be put on a pedestal like that! A hop-up to reach the top of kitchen cabinets is the only pedestal he requires.

Gilding Specialist London

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