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Painted kitchen Leek Staffordshire

Painted kitchens Leek Staffordshire… Russ Pike specialises in painted kitchens on behalf ok HPKUK Ltd and was recently employed to carry out a renovation to this 15 year old, hand made bespoke kitchen in Leek, Staffordshire. Set in a beautiful grade 2 listed building on the edge of this historic market town.

Having carried out an extensive internet search, the clients opted out of the spray painted route with 2 pack paints, that local companies were offering. They were wanting a traditional hand painted finish and Russ’s skill set, knowledge and 30+ years of painting kitchens, matched their criteria.

Kitchen Painter Staffordshire

Although Russ is based on the Derbyshire / Nottinghamshire border, he has no hesitation travelling to surrounding counties and plies his craft to bespoke kitchens large or small throughout Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, South Yorkshire and the Staffordshire borders. Painted kitchen Leek Staffordshire

An initial assessment was carried out from photographs supplied and quotation was provided. The client had a definite idea of what colour was required and wanted to move away from the original dated creamy magnolia to a bright white! This 17th Century hall had very low exposed beams and the bright white would help reflect the light and give a fresh new feel to the room… Painted kitchen Leek Staffordshire

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The work began with Russ removing all the doors and draws to give easy access to both sides and the hinge edges of the frame and door edge as this was an in-frame kitchen.

Hand painted kitchen Leek

So many times, we come across painted kitchens that the previous painter hasn’t taken the time or effort to remove the doors and draws; resulting in paint over hinges and runs or what we call a fatty edge to the doors… very unsightly and not very professional!

Clean down and prep! Painted kitchen Leek Staffordshire

A well prepared kitchen will last… a quick wipe over with white spirit or methylated spirit just doesn’t cut it! Thorough and meticulous degreasing and preparation, left to fully dry out and followed by the application of a high grip primer is the way.


Since the paint legislation change in 2010 and the restriction of certain VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) came into force; paint manufacturers and applicators have had to change their game! We now only use water-borne top coat paint systems from specialist paint manufactures. Tried, tested and used on 1000s of kitchens over the last decade… we know these systems work (all popular colour palettes can be matched into an equivalent colour) so no worries there.

Finishing off!

All the framework and panels finished, the doors and draws are ready to be refitted (painted both sides) re-aligned and tweeked… cabinet hardware re-fitted, glass doors and shelving cleaned, protective masking removed and viola! A new look kitchen that will last for years to come…

white painted kitchen Leek

Our kitchen cabinet painters celebrate traditional craftsmanship, throughout the whole process using only the very best materials and our expert knowledge to create an exceptional finish that continues to set a precedent for high end kitchen painting. Kitchen cabinet painter 

If you have a project in the pipeline, for a truly unique painted kitchen idea, please feel free to contact HPKUK Ltd we will be happy to give you the benefit of our experience, and advise you on what is involved to achieve the end result you have in mind. kitchen painter bath

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