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Lady Painters @HPKUK

Our Lady Painters @HPKUK are AWESOME!! So I wanted to write a blog about the Female Painters of our team, to tell you a bit about them, to celebrate and acknowledge what an amazing bunch of woman we have amongst us! These girls have carved a career in Paint… an industry that was once very male dominated but nowadays has a great balance of both male and female of the species. Quite rightly so!

When I decided to write this blog, I searched the free images on the internet (Noooooo! not that type!) and typed in “Women working” the majority of images that came up were of women sat at desks typing or working out in the gym. I was quite shocked actually as that couldn’t be further from the truth about the Lady Painters from @HPKUK.

Don’t get me wrong, these girls spend plenty of time behind computer screens when they’re doing estimates and quotes and I’m sure they all don the Lycra at some point to have a good workout at the gym (we wont go there lads). But these girls aren’t painting nails for a living, these girls are proppa manual grafters! Forget the painting nails and the polish with our lasses, the shallac that these girls use is for a totally different purpose (priming kitchens). Its Festool dust free sanding, more sanding, cleaning and de greasing, filling, drilling, sanding, painting, organising, synchronising, delegating, more sanding, fitting, loading, unloading, creating, inspiring, colour consulting, did I mention sanding?

As a father of 3 (2 girls and a boy) together with a threenage grand daughter my life is quite happily dominated by women and I know first hand the trials and tribulations of a working woman and a woman with a mission! Juggling and balancing work, (self employment, business minded) and family life… we’ve got it pretty easy to be honest guys!

Bring on the Lady Painters…

Samantha Bailey – Spain

The most influential woman I have ever met within the trade, Sam is sharp, witty, creative, passionate and very driven. With 25 years of experience in painting kitchens, this Lady Painter has a pedigree as long as your arm. Not without a few pitfalls a long the way from living life and building a successful business on the Costa del Sol…

Lady kitchen painters
Samantha Bayley

Samantha has that Chumbawamba attitude for life! Wife to Joe, Mother of 5, Grandmother of god knows how many but friend to us all. Sam has built up a fantastic business and reputation with The Painted Kitchen. Malaga’s leading kitchen renovation company. A true ambassador for us all @HPKUK

Lorna Roughneen – London

For over fifteen years Islington based Lorna has been delighting clients in London with the complete makeover and rejuvenation of their old kitchens by hand painting. Softly spoken with that beautiful Irish accent, Lorna’s hunting ground is the Boroughs of London. However, do not be mislead by her quiet demeanour as Lorna packs a punch when it comes to painting kitchens new and old and is one hell of a kick ass kitchen painter.

female painters

Specialising in hand painting kitchens and furniture as well as offering special paint finishes and metal effects. Lorna graduated with an Fine Art Degree in the 90s and immediately put her skills to use by painting decorative finishes for a number of prestigious clients in Ireland and across the UK, and as far afield as Qatar. Lorna now successfully owns and operates Islington Hand Painted Kitchens in London

Nicola Larsen – Surrey

Nicola successfully combines being a wife, mother and savvy business woman guaranteeing an unrivalled level of visual acuity, neatness, friendliness and efficiency to every project she is commissioned to undertake. Based in Liphook Nicola covers Surrey, West Sussex and Hampshire using her meticulous processes to produce flawless results.

Lady painters

She brings 25 years’ experience of working in properties in London, Yorkshire and Europe. Nicola has become a valued member and great asset to the team of Lady Painters @HPKUK. A true professional whom shows attention to every detail with Larsen Paint Finishes.

Mel Sanders – Pembrokeshire.

Based in an old chapel in Tenby, this Wife and Husband team cover the picturesque Welsh County of Pembrokeshire. Mel is a true driving force with unlimited enthusiasm and a real passion for work. Established in 2004 but with over 30 years of experience and a background in fine art and restoration, Mel and Steve have gained a trusted reputation throughout the area.

Lady painters

Working with a spouse must come with its challenges but this family run business is thriving and continues to grow in strength and reputation. Mel at Chapel 58 Kitchens is a valued member of our growing team of Lady Painters @HPKUK

Sharon Thornhill – Nottingham

Sharon has developed a fantastic reputation throughout the Nottinghamshire area. Building a business from scratch is never easy and as a mother of two children, the challenges of running and growing a small business would be doubled. Sharon has a great character and positive attitude. She has an artistic flair, creative and passionate, dedicated and very enthusiastic.

Lady Painters HPKUK
Sharon Thornhill

There isn’t much more you can add to that! The latest edition to our growing team of Lady Painters @HPKUK. Sharon owns and operates her hand painted kitchen and furniture painting business The Kitchen Paintress. Transforming tired, dated kitchens into beautifully detailed centre pieces to the heart of many homes across the region.

A recipe for success!

Whatever ingredients are required to be a woman in business, these girls seem to have the mixture just right. A positive attitude, determination to succeed, a passion for their work, creative flair and a love of painting kitchens. Lady Painters

Kitchen cabinet hardware

I would also like to acknowledge Anne, the lady behind the scenes at our recommended ironmongery suppliers Slingers 1858 who works hard to ensure our clients are happy and our orders are delivered in a timely, efficient manner. Thank you Anne. Lady Painters

Ladies we salute you! Cheers!

With our team of Lady Painters spanning various areas of the UK and overseas in Spain, you can easily CONTACT @HPKUK craftswomen who will make your kitchen dream a reality, taking old, tired cabinets and furniture and transforming them into showroom quality pieces.

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