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Kitchen Cabinet Painter Greenwich

Kitchen cabinet painter Greenwich required urgently, is what the owners of this kitchen typed into their internet search following a botched kitchen paint job by their “builders/decorators” who were also renovating and decorating the rest of the property. Looking at the standard of workmanship from the kitchen painting, it could be said that these house bashers got confused with the choice of tools when applying the paint finish and used a trowel instead of a brush!

Never fear Lorna is here and this kitchen was not unlike one of the famous land marks of this maritime London Borough, in desperate need of some serious restoration, following the bundling builders attempt at painting it! Specialist hand painter and Kitchen Cabinet Painter in Greenwich and Greater London can be hard to find. HPKUK have a Nationwide team of professional kitchen cabinet painters. This group of talented professionals will work with you to help you achieve your kitchen renovation project.

Islington based specialist kitchen cabinet painter Lorna was called upon to sort out this sinking ship and had some serious sanding and preparation to cut through. Lorna works throughout North London and Greater London, applying her craft and specialist skills to kitchen painting projects, large or small, new and old… with thorough and meticulous preparation being the key to each and every project Lorna is commissioned to work on. She has invested heavily in all the latest dust free sanding equipment from market leaders FESTOOL.

kitchen cabinet painter Greenwich

Dust Free Sanding!

This labour intensive, dirty, dusty task has now been made to become so much easier with Lorna’s dust free FESTOOL sanding equipment… and after removing the layers of poorly applied previous paint, Lorna’s labour of love provides the perfect smooth base to now start applying the fresh layers of paint to follow.

In the meantime the clients painstakingly and precariously cleaned and removed paint that had been slap dashed over all the new hinges and ironmongery. kitchen cabinet painter Greenwich

Kitchen painter Greater London

Cabinet Hardware

HPKUK no how important it is to get your cabinet hardware right, in order to compliment your fresh look, hand painted kitchen… we have a specialist supplier for all your ironmongery requirements with Slingers 1858 and can offer some fantastic discounted rates, should you require new hardware.

Brush mark free Finish!

The clients also asked Lorna to advise on a new paint finish, dissatisfied not only with the application but also the paint finish that the builders had applied, which looked very plasticky. Intern this did not provide the kitchen cabinets with any finesse whatsoever! Lorna uses a variety of quality paint systems that are suited and booted to each particular surface to be painted.

“Lorna has achieved a beautiful finish on our kitchen. Now our cabinets look really high end. She is reliable, intelligent and friendly and takes great pride in the quality of her work. She understood what we were trying to achieve and improved on our initial suggestions. I can’t recommend her highly enough.”

Google review from the Greenwich Clients

Quoting for your project

Our expert kitchen painters work with you to understand your requirements and what you’re looking to achieve in your newly painted kitchen, such as the desired style, colour and finish. Taking into consideration the size of your kitchen including the number of doors, as well as their material, they will provide a quote based on the scope of work to be completed. Please feel free to CONTACT US for quotation.

If you are looking for a kitchen cabinet painter Greenwich or throughout the Greater London area, then Lorna should be your first port of call. To see more examples of Lorna’s work, check out this shiny red laminate kitchen she totally transformed in Finsbury Park;