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Painted Kitchen Surbiton

Painted Christian Kitchen Surbiton

This painted Christian kitchen in Surbiton was recently revitalised by specialist kitchen painter Nicola who is based in nearby by bordering Surrey. The area of Surbiton is a beautiful place to live, with the River Thames and cosmopolitan Kingston nearby and this stunning kitchen is a good reflection of the kind of property a kitchen like this is most suited.

Painted Christian Kitchen Surbiton

Clive Christian Furniture Co. Manufactures bespoke furniture for discerning clients keen to create the world’s finest spaces. For us, painting such elegant pieces of fine crafted furniture it’s about elevating the everyday to make the the heart of your home, where you live, work or entertain feel truly exceptional. By combining creativity and the very best of our artisan skills, we’ll help you create a bespoke environment as unique as you are. Painted Christian Kitchen Surbiton

Choosing a kitchen painter

Nicola has been transforming kitchens with paint for over 25 years and is well rehearsed and bursting with knowledge and enthusiasm. All the team at HPKUK share the same ethos and passion when it comes to getting creative and transforming kitchens, we are often the kitchen painters of choice. Painted Christian Kitchen Surbiton

This kitchen was installed second hand 20 years, it had stood the test of time and served very well, but it was now in need of some TLC to bring it back to its former glory! Still in its natural wooden finish, not ever having been painted. The tedious and meticulous preparation took over a week to complete, prior to any painting and with the large oil fuelled Aga still burning away… preparing and painting a kitchen to the standards we maintain is not an easy task. with lots of filling and repair work.

Colours for this Surbiton Kitchen

The colour of the kitchen was based around the clients much loved Burmese cat, Miaow! Nicola suggested and advised that the hanging canopy should be painted in the lighter colour of Cornforth White to create space and advised them on the wall colour to be Strong White. Although the chosen colours are from the Farrow and Ball colour palette, the actual paints are mixed into an equivalent colour using a specialist paint system.

Painted Christian Kitchen Surbiton

The final colour chosen was the equivalent to Cornforth White (Farrow & Ball) for the main units and Maritime (Mylands) for the island/peninsular. 

The original holes for the handles were filled and re-drilled for new bar handles to be fitted which again fully transform the kitchen.  It was now a much lighter/bigger feeling to the kitchen.

 The clients were so happy with the work Nicola had produced, they have offered to be a reference for anyone wanting a kitchen painted by Nicola and Miaow thought it looked purrfect!