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Kitchen Cabinet Makeover in Derbyshire

This kitchen cabinet makeover in Derbyshire is in the village of Melbourne. A beautiful rural place with an abundance of period homes and quaint properties… we’ve carried out several hand painted kitchen projects here over the years and always enjoy working in this location. This particular project was carried out by our specialist kitchen painter Russ and is a lovely transformation of an existing wooden kitchen in need of some TLC and an update.

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The colour palette chosen for this kitchen cabinet makeover in Derbyshire were in equivalent colours matched to Manor house Grey for the main cabinets and an Off Black for the island, then tinted in to our specialist furniture paint.

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When hand painting a kitchen, a beautiful colour palette really makes the difference to transform a tired, wooden kitchen back to showroom quality. http://www,russpikeinteriors.co.uk 

Whether you are wanting your kitchen cabinets to pack a punch with bright red or blues, or maybe you prefer a soothing grey. Whatever your colour preference, our highly skilled and professional kitchen painters work together with you to select the right paints and finishes that suit your individual style and will work beautifully in your home.

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Colour really is a powerful tool that not only changes the perception of your kitchen space by making it feel wider, brighter and drawing your attention to certain eye catching features, but is also a fantastic way to express your individual personality,

Our specialist kitchen painters can paint any wooden kitchen in an array of colour choices. Colour isn’t just reserved for your kitchen walls and hand painting a kitchen in a beautiful and colourful tone can add a striking centrepiece to the heart of your home.

How we work

Every kitchen cabinet makeover project begins the very same way, by covering every inch of flat surface surrounding the kitchen cabinets to protect your appliances, worktops, flooring and anything else that sits close by.

Next we prep every kitchen surface that is to be painted with a deep clean and rinse including both sides of the kitchen cabinet doors, side panels, plinths, pelmets and cornices; followed by the application of a high adhesion grip primer.

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Over the coming days, numerous coats of hardwearing furniture paint is hand applied to each surface, sanding between each application to provide a flawless finish. Hand painting kitchen cabinets cannot be rushed and is a timely process that uses a range of techniques to highlight all the delicate details of your cabinets and cornices, and really bring your kitchen back to showroom condition. And it’s this same quality care and attention that delivers a stylish yet durable kitchen that remains like new.

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So whether it’s traditional opulence or 21stcentury styling, our kitchen cabinet painters create beautiful and functional hand painted kitchens that suit you. Wherever you are based in Derbyshire, you can expect the same high quality of craftsmanship from HPKUK.

To find out more about hand painted kitchen cabinets and furniture projects in Derbyshire and beyond and to discuss a project, contact us today.