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Harvey Jones Painted Kitchen

Harvey Jones are renowned for their handmade painted kitchens, with a range to suit all styles of home and age groups. Constructed to the same precise standards using in-frame construction. Every cupboard they make is a fully hand built piece of furniture, carefully made by skilled craftsmen using traditional joinery techniques.

HPKUK Hand Painted Kitchens UK brings together the most highly skilled kitchen and furniture painters so that clients throughout the UK can easily access the best craftsman for their project. Whatever the size of your project, you can expect the same exceptional quality, attention to detail and personal service from every one of our bespoke kitchen painters.

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We are passionate about creating beautiful hand painted kitchens, sprayed kitchens and painted furniture that are individual to you. There is no compromise on quality, with all our experts using only the best materials, techniques and expertise to create hand painted kitchens and furniture that last and maximise every detail within.

Project: Repainting a Harvey Jones Shaker Kitchen in Chesterfield

This particular kitchen in Hasland, Chesterfield was installed several years ago and to be fair it was still in really good condition (with the exception of the sink base doors) which I hasten to add was not down to the quality of the kitchen. On the contrary, the build structure and installation quality was very good and in excellent working order. The damage to the sink base doors was from a leaky sink and over time had caused areas of the paintwork to fail, due to the ingress of moisture.

The clients were still very happy with their Harvey Jones painted kitchen, the main reason for having it repainted was for purely cosmetic purposes and the fact they had grown tired of the colour and fancied a change.

Quoting for the project

Our expert kitchen painters work with you to understand your requirements and what you’re looking to achieve in your newly painted kitchen, such as the desired style, colour and finish. Taking into consideration the size of your kitchen including the number of doors, as well as their material, they will provide a quote based on the scope of work to be completed.

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Choosing a Colour for your kitchen

Choosing a colour for your kitchen is only limited by your imagination. Our specialist waterborne acrylic paint system is durable and hard wearing and we can match the equivalent colours to most popular colour palettes plus a huge range of bespoke colours to suit.

This kitchen was originally painted in Jasmine white and the clients had requested a warm and delicate white… Pointing equivalent. The client also asked for the kitchen table legs to be painted to match, which we did obligingly.

‘This fresh and uncomplicated white is named after the colour of lime pointing used in traditional brickwork. One of our Red Based Neutrals, Pointing has a warm undertone to it which creates the prettiest of spaces when used on walls and always softens the feel of a room alongside strong, traditional colours’. (www.farrow-ball.com/paint-colours/pointing).

Protecting Your Home

When hand painting a kitchen or spraying a kitchen, each kitchen project begins on site by covering every inch of surface that surrounds your kitchen cabinets to protect everything nearby including worktops, flooring and appliances. All kitchen cabinet surfaces that are to be painted or sprayed are then given a deep clean on both sides and covered with a high adhesion grip primer.

We have a number of hand painted kitchen and spraying specialists based throughout the UK. We are a collective of skilled kitchen painters that keeps on growing. For more information about our bespoke kitchen painters or to speak about a painted kitchen or furniture project, then contact us today.

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