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Hand painted kitchens on the Isle of Man

At HPKUK, we live and breathe hand painted kitchens. Our specialist kitchen painters create beautiful hand painted kitchens for homes throughout the Isle of Man.

A hand painted kitchen is a practical choice for every home. Thanks to their durable finish, they rarely show scratches and other signs of wear and tear. This, combined with a range of finishes, including matt, satin and gloss, makes a hand painted kitchen a versatile choice for any style and taste. Their soft finish also ensures they sit beautifully in a modern design, whilst suited to traditional cabinetry.

When it comes to colour, most people tend to play it safe with neutral tones. Yet a hand painted kitchen means almost any kitchen paint colour is at your disposal.

Unlike a traditional kitchen refit were you’re bound by the constraints of your kitchen manufactures, a hand painted kitchen opens you up to hundreds of different colour options.

Vibrant colours can bring warmth and personality to your kitchen. Mixing up different shades can help to break up a large space into different zones or draw your eye to particularly striking features.

We’re the experts at hand painting kitchens and can work with you to recommend the right colour and finish for your desired look and style.

As well as hand painting kitchens, we also spray paint kitchens, which can provide a sleek, smooth finish in less time. We also hand paint furniture and interiors, bringing hundreds of years of combined craftsmanship to your project.

Our focus is to deliver excellent, professional service and a beautiful, durable finish every time. We strive for perfection when hand painting kitchens and that why our clients always have peace of mind when working with our specialist kitchen painters at HPKUK.

HPKUK is made up of a collective of specialist kitchen painters, each bringing a passion and real skill to what they do. Our members live and work in different countries and cover the Isle of Man, UK, Ireland, Europe and more.

We’ll have an expert kitchen painter that can deliver your dream style and scheme. Taking a tired, old kitchen and bringing it back to showroom quality at a fraction of the cost of a new kitchen refit.

For more information, contact HPKUK to enquire about our hand painted kitchen services on the Isle of Man.