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Furniture painter Scotland and specialist kitchen painter based in Troon South Ayrshire is Craig Hainey of Ultimate Decor. A fully qualified City & Guilds craftsman. He has a passion about creating beautiful painted kitchens and spray painted furniture that are individual to you. There is no compromise on quality, using only the best materials, techniques and expertise to create painted kitchens and furniture that last and maximise every detail within.

Craig offers a first class service for bespoke painted kitchens and is also our recommended furniture painter Scotland. This is a blog about a recent project in which Craig was asked to create something for his clients that was bespoke, unique and had that WOW factor… see what you think!

Spray painted furniture Ayrshire

Craig certainly needed to have the Midas touch on this project which started by creating samples and sourcing the correct products for the job. The client asked Craig if he could turn their bedroom furniture into something magical. So with that in mind and the style of furniture they had, he broached the idea to them of metallics.

These metallic products can only be spray applied with HVLP (High Volume Low Pressure) spray equipment. The products are very unforgiving if not applied correctly.

Following several samples to find the correct paint finish and colour, the clients were unsure at first. The decision was made and it was decided on a real metallic deep gold from a specialist paint supplier… Craig set to work!

Preparation and primer

The intricate preparation involved removing most of the existing coat, using dust free sanding equipment, elbow grease and shear determination. This is the nice part after all that hard work… for a painter, there is nothing more satisfying then when you start applying the primer.

Two coats of Otex high adhesion primer from Tikurilla specialist paints supplier was applied, this was tinted to a yellow ochre to give depth and a good yellow base, to allow the gold finish top coats to be applied.

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The high adhesion primer coats were de-nibbed between each coat with a fine flexible abrasive, hovered and tacked off to remove any traces of dust before the top coats are applied.

Furniture painter scotland

Three top coats of a specialist metallic gold paint were applied, de nibbing in between each coat and a further two coats of a water borne protective Kiva lacquer from Tikurilla were also applied to add durability to the previous applied metallic coating.

painting furniture scotland

With contrasting warm, natural oak flooring, wooden architraves and skirting. The clients wanted a dramatic back drop to their bright metallic gold ornate furniture. Therefore Craig also carried out the re-decoration the the bedroom using Tikurilla anti-reflex paint to the ceiling and two coats of Tikurilla ceramic matt in black, to the walls.

I’m sure you will agree this is a striking looking re- decoration project, using a variety of specialist paints and testament to Craig Hainey’s diverse and talented skill set. Craig is based in Troon, South Ayrshire and covers the whole area of Ayrshire and Glasgow. See more about Craig here

Furniture Painter Scotland

Kitchen painter Glasgow

We are passionate about creating beautiful hand painted kitchens, sprayed kitchens and painted furniture that are individual to you. Here at HPKUK there is no compromise on quality, with all our experts using only the best materials, techniques and expertise to create hand painted kitchens and furniture that will last and maximise every detail within.

HPKUK is a registered Trademark t/a Hand Painted Kitchens UK

  • Carolina Conetta

    Looking to get my bedroom furniture painted. I live in Fenwick East Ayrshire

    October 8, 2020
  • Sundas

    Hi. I am looking to have my fireplace and sideboard painted white. It’s currently polished mahogany. Would u be able to give me a rough quote on how much u might charge? Thanks

    December 4, 2020
  • Mr Robert harvey

    Good evening, we were looking for two large sliding wooden laminated wardrobe doors with large mirror front to be painted white but at home ,we are not requiring back of door etc done just do not want to remove they are lovely doors

    October 2, 2021
  • Mr Robert harvey

    How do we get to speak with someone from glasgow about our enquiry

    October 4, 2021

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