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Painted Clive Christian Kitchen Surrey

Clive Christian Kitchen Surrey

This Clive Christian kitchen Surrey is a beautiful example of how an existing bespoke kitchen can be transformed into something totally unique to you. Specialist kitchen painter Nicola who is based in Liphook, Surrey applies her craft throughout this area of outstanding natural beauty.

With a degree in fine art, 25 years experience in hand painting kitchens and applying specialist paint finishes, combined with a natural creative flair and an acute eye for detail. Nicola’s utilitarian art for this artisanal occupation is more of a way of life than a job!

Painted Christian Kitchen Surrey

Bespoke painted kitchens

Traditionally, Clive Christian kitchens and other cabinetry was painted in Dulux oil based eggshell and often had a glaze applied over the top to make them appear aged… ‘the antique look.’ However, many owners of Christians bespoke cabinetry have gradually moved away from this traditional look. Big changes within the paint industry back in 2010 with new legislation meant paint manufacturers were forced to comply in the production of paints with lower VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) which was deemed compulsory. Clive Christian Kitchen Surrey

Painted christian kitchen surrey

This brought an influx of modern waterborne acrylic and latex paint finishes into the market and professional painters had to adapt and change their application methods, including the specialist paint systems we use today. These modern day systems have some great advantages over the old, such as Permanence, otherwise known as lightfastness which refers to the ability of the pigment in the paint to resist gradual fading when exposed to light. Drying times are also much quicker, so less surface contamination.

painted christian kitchen surrey

Traditional with Modern

Nicola’s diverse and varied skill set enables her to mix traditional methods with modern techniques, this allows the creative flair and passion to shine through in her flawless paint finishes.

Painted Christian Kitchen Surrey

The owner of this painted Clive Christian kitchen in Leatherhead, Surrey contacted us via a thorough internet search of “specialist kitchen painters” in the area. She was looking for an expert and after speaking with Nicola in some depth and learning of her background and experience in decorative paint finishes, she was keen to engage in Nicola’s services and promptly secured a date for the re-painting of the kitchen.

Samples and finishes were prepared by Nicola and agreed with the client, who opted for a light soft subtle ‘greyish’ tone with a deeper ‘Blue/Grey undertone’ as a glazed finish over the top. Using a dragging effect method and wiping off on mouldings, this ‘glazing and wiping’ creates almost a three dimensional look. Which was the exact effect the client had requested. The colours were the equivalent to Farrow and Ball Ammonite as a base with a Pavilion Grey semi transparent glaze over the top.

For the finishing touches and the piece de résistance… Nicola applied a silver gilt wax to the individually branded Clive Christian pull handles, which the client absolutely loved!

Cost of painting a bespoke kitchen

The cost of painting a Clive Christian kitchen, or any other bespoke kitchen cabinetry is dependant on a number of factors; age and condition, size and style, the type of finish required (flat colour or decorative effect).

We are not a quick fix solution but what we are is efficient, meticulous and thorough. There is no compromise on quality, with all our experts using only the best materials, techniques and expertise to create for you a kitchen truly unique to your taste, style and budget. Clive Christian Kitchen Surrey

Professional Kitchen Painters

HPKUK brings together the most highly skilled kitchen painters and so that clients throughout the UK and Europe can easily access the best craftsman for their project.

Kitchen painter

Whatever the size of your project, you can expect the same exceptional quality, attention to detail and personal service from every one of our HPKUK specialist kitchen painting experts.

To find out more about what we do and to discuss your kitchen project, get in touch with HPKUK. We look forward to hearing from you soon. Clive Christian Kitchen Surrey