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Painting Used Kitchens

Painting used kitchens is becoming even more so popular with homeowners. Updating an existing bespoke wooden kitchen or re-painting one seems to be the cost effective way to transform the most used room in the home. Adding the long term sustainability aspects of it, such as (waste and landfill) not to mention the cost of buying new and its a winner, winner chicken dinner! Over the last few years various tones of grey and blues have been on the main menu and to be fair they still have a place and continue to look as striking as ever! However, this year there is a new dish being served…

Ever thought about going GREEN?

I don’t just mean from an Eco point of view… painting used kitchens GREEN, is the new trend colour palette for the decade to come. A green kitchen sounds insane (and maybe conjures up memories of your Aunt Bessie’s dated avocado bathroom suite), but this colour can be seriously cool.

painting kitchens green

Bringing the outdoors in with a vibrant kitchen that’ll make you look forward to rolling up your sleeves and cooking. Maybe even doing that chicken dinner, too. From pale mint to emerald, these shades will inspire your imagination and spice up your kitchen doors.

From pistachio to asparagus and back outdoors to the forest green. Even dabbling with a splash of turquoise, or with the cabinet fronts white and adding an accent colour to the backs. There is going to be a palette of greens ascending on new and used kitchens, throughout the UK.

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Quality bespoke kitchens are made to last. We often come across kitchens that are 25 to 30 years old and apart from the odd hinge or draw runner that needs replacing, a new paint job and perhaps new handles or knobs, structurally they are still solid as the day they were made. Yes you do get what you pay for in the long term but with most big name kitchens starting at around £45K for many, its more of a dream than a reality. But not anymore… not with Used Kitchen Exchange (UKE).

If you’re thinking of buying a used kitchen

Used kitchen Exchange are a family run, multi award winning business and specialise in the re-sale of Used (second hand) and Ex-Display Kitchens. Working closely with the UK’s leading showrooms they are able to give you a great selection of Used and Ex-Display kitchens at a fraction of their original retail price.

How it works with (UKE)

Founder and Director Helen Lord explains how it works with the UK’s leading discount kitchen marketplace offering Approved Used and Ex-display kitchens for sale at affordable prices.

What does ‘Approved Used’ mean?

The term ‘Approved Used’ is (UKE) seal of approval. Unlike other second-hand online sales sites, they make it as easy and as risk-free as possible to buy a pre-owned kitchen. Each used kitchen they sell is inspected in person by a member of their team. They do not accept a kitchen if it doesn’t meet their stringent criteria – in fact, they reject more kitchens than they accept.

There is something for all budgets on our site, with complete kitchens starting from £1500 to designer kitchens at drastically reduced prices. We work in a similar way to an estate agent – advertising kitchens for sale on behalf of our sellers. We broker the best deal for everyone, ensuring a hassle and problem-free selling environment for homeowners and kitchen showrooms throughout the UK.

Helen Lord (UKE)

Do you fancy a custom paint job?

With our team of Bespoke kitchen painters spanning all areas of the UK, you can easily find a HPKUK craftsman who will make your kitchen dream a reality, taking old, tired cabinets and bespoke cabinetry and transforming them into showroom quality pieces once more.

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Whether it’s a contemporary style or a timeless classic, from the grandest of kitchen to a traditional style shaker you can rest assured that the HPKUK team have, the skill, knowledge and expertise to transform your new, existing or recently purchased ‘Approved Used’ kitchen, we will work with you to create a beautiful painted kitchen design that complements your home and is truly unique to you. Our Approved bespoke kitchen painters are Used regularly by 100’s of happy clients each year.

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