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Bespoke kitchen painters Derbyshire are in many ways quite unique; years of practice in fine tuning the skills required and having the knowledge to paint high end bespoke quality kitchens and handmade cabinetry. Going above and beyond to exceed a clients expectations is the norm… Painting bespoke kitchens is a methodical process and often tedious, which takes a lot of dedication… You have to be passionate, creative and meticulous to a fault!

Hand Painted Kitchens UK

However, its not just in Derbyshire you will find such a breed. Our network of specialist kitchen painters can be found in lots of different types of kitchens, throughout the UK. Hand Painted Kitchens UK (HPKUK) brings together the most highly skilled kitchen painters and furniture painters so that clients can easily access the best craftsman for their project.

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Whatever the size of your project, you can expect the same exceptional quality, attention to detail and personal service from every one of our Bespoke kitchen painting experts.

Project: Bespoke Kitchen Painting in Roliston, Derbyshire.

The project is a rather ornate handmade bespoke kitchen, manufactured and fitted by a local kitchen company some 12 years ago. Now showing obvious signs of wear and tear, the client still loved the kitchen and the layout but it did need a new lease of life.

Nottingham based Russ Pike Interiors were recommended by a friend of the client who had used them 4 years previous to paint their own bespoke oak kitchen in the nearby village of Coton in the Elms.

In Frame – laid on a Frame

Basically there are two types of kitchen; one where the doors lay over the frame, the other where the the door sits in the frame with a butt hinge opener. This particular kitchen had a fixed in-frame door (fixed to a frame) which was laid over the main frame. From a kitchen painters perspective, very tedious and time consuming to dismantle, prepare and paint. This is where a method and system of work comes in handy! If you hear a kitchen painter say ‘Oh i paint the doors on, its easier‘ be very wary and ask the question: How do you paint the back edges of the doors, frames and around the hinges?

This project took two weeks to complete… a 30+ door kitchen, several draws and some detailed and intricate areas. Plus! This is a busy family home and very much a used kitchen, so as little disruption as possible was paramount.

Paint colour and finish

The final chosen colour was ‘Neptune – Old Chalk’ which was matched to an equivalent colour in a specialist paint system, designed for painted kitchens and furniture, its hard wearing and durable, with the a choice of sheen levels. The 10% matt and 30% mid-sheen being the most popular.

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The kitchen doors and draws were numbered in sequence to the frame and dismantled, kick boards and any other removable components, were removed. Then every area received a thorough and meticulous degrease, clean down and prep to form a mechanical key, prior to the application of a high grip primer.

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Once all the preparation and priming process is completed, all surrounding areas a masked up and protected throughout the works. Next stage is two full top coats of the chosen colour expertly applied. The water-borne acrylic paint system used, dries very quickly initially but takes several days to reach its full cure.

Final stages

Painted kitchen Derbyshire

Now that all areas of the kitchen have received each and every stage of the process, the doors are re hung, the draws and kick boards re fitted and all the hardware fitted. Doors and draws are checked and tweaked to ensure smooth operation and all masking and protection is removed. You now have, what looks like a brand new kitchen straight out of the showroom!

If you are thinking of having your existing wooden kitchen painted or re-painted, consider employing the services of bespoke kitchen painters Derbyshire and contact us at Hand Painted Kitchens UK (HPKUK)

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Bespoke Kitchen Painters Derbyshire

Our specialist kitchen painters will get back in touch to discuss the project and will usually request photos to be sent via email of your current kitchen to help provide a more accurate quote and scope of work. When sending photos make sure they are:

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