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Corona Brushes

Corona Brushes – Do ya wanna own a Corona?

Corona brushes are handcrafted in the USA and have been widely available in the UK for many years. They work exceptionally well in a variety of UK paints, coatings and stains, making them a much sort after brush by professional painters! Many of our specialist kitchen painters here at HPKUK will use a range of Corona brushes for a variety of applications whilst doing hand painting work. These brushes help in producing the finest of finishes to many of the traditional painted kitchens and cabinetry you can see on our website.


As a bit of fun to help beat those January blues, we thought we’d run a little competition and asked our old friend Tony Corona at AJ Systems Europe (Corona UK) Ltd, to donate a selection of some of the quality brushes we use on a daily basis. That’s not his real name by the way, no… it’s Anthony Corona on his birth certificate.

So… here’s the prize!

All you have to do is have a guess-ti-mate and like and share our page on Facebook or retweet on Twitter…

Corona Paint Brushes

Tony said he will supply one each of the Chinex®™ brushes in random pile as a prize for nearest guess on the number of synthetic filaments held in a 2” Corona Silk paint brush?

Now, I’ve spent all weekend sat in my workshop counting out the bristles, so I know exactly how many there are! All you have to do is have a guess, Like, Share or Tweet and we will choose the closest guess!

In the meantime here is a selection of just a few of our favourite Corona Brushes:

One of my own personal favourites and great for laying off large area panels in waterborne paints: The Corona Yuma. A brush for excellent paint lift and distribution. With an unlacquered hardwood handle, stainless steel ferrule and hand formed chisel. A superb brush for indoor use with water based coatings.

The Yuma

Next up is the Corona Archer… for the finest application of ALL coatings. The Archer has a traditional UK semi-round stainless steel ferrule with a streamlined beavertail hardwood handle for a very comfortable grip.

 The Archer

The Corona Comet is an oval sash brush with hand formed chisel. Unlacquered hardwood handle, seamless stainless steel ferrule. Use in ALL types of coatings – interior and exterior. A great brush for detailed work.


The Corona Kingston is definitely my personal go-to brush. With a narrow unlacquered beavertail hardwood handle and stainless steel ferrule. It is a deceptively versatile brush with great paint lift and lay off. Indoor or outdoor use.


The Corona Boss! A great little brush that doesn’t compromise on delivering a quality finish. Angular cut for tight corners, hand formed chisel, unlacquered Palm grip handle, stainless steel ferrule. Superb for those small cutting in jobs.

The Boss

Corona Brushes have a superb range of handcrafted brushes for the professional or serious DIYer. With a variety of bristle to suit every application, from Chinex to Black China, White China, China and Ox-hair blends.

Corona Brushes UK

Corona is a registered trademark, Distributed throughout the UK by AJ Systems Europe (Corona UK) Ltd

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    January 20, 2020
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  • Andrew Gill

    Just won a prize , 4 piece Painter’s pack in your competition. Brilliant, excellent brushes , I’m so pleased to have won such a good product . Thanks very much ??

    November 14, 2020

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