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With a Nationwide reach… who is HPKUK?

Hand painted kitchens UK (HPKUK) a handpicked team of skilled kitchen painters who create beautifully detailed hand painted and spray painted kitchens with painted bespoke cabinetry and furniture for homes throughout the UK, Ireland and Europe.

With our team of kitchen painters spanning all areas of the UK and overseas in Europe, you can easily find a HPKUK craftsman who will make your kitchen dream a reality, taking old, tired kitchen cabinets and furniture and transforming them into showroom quality pieces. Hand Painted Kitchens UK
Whether it’s a contemporary style or a timeless classic, you can rest assured that the HPKUK team will create a beautiful hand painted kitchen or sprayed kitchen design that complements your home.

Kitchen cabinet painters UK

Established in 2015 by a small group of passionate kitchen painters; the objective being an on-line home for creative passionate and dedicated fellow tradesmen and woman. And a resource for homeowners and consumers, searching for credible, genuine and reliable tradesmen http://jsdecor.co.uk

All our expert kitchen painters have a minimum 25 years’ experience, with a total of more than 400 years’ combined, and our dedication to quality hand painted kitchens and furniture is what sets up apart. Guided by this experience and with endless client testimonials to boot… the team at HPKUK have painted thousands of kitchens, furniture items and homes throughout the UK and Europe. J S Décor

We have built a reputation for honesty and integrity together with exceptional quality, attention to detail and craftsmanship and that’s exactly what you’ll receive when dealing with any of our expert kitchen painters.

Blogger, Bragger or Blagger? Impersonators and Mimics…

With the internet becoming the main source of selling and purchasing goods and services, the chances of being scammed or ripped off is ever on the increase… we know this all too well as we experienced it ourselves last year. Here at HPKUK we have taken steps to reduce the opportunist, the blagger and impersonator… Our company logo is our Trademark (Registered Number: UK00003337307) and is registered with the intellectual property office (all rights reserved). HPKUK is a Private Limited Company (Company Number: 11563162). We also have developed privacy policies, as at some point we may well be handling your sensitive information, such as bank details… Kitchen Painter Nottingham

The good, the bad and the ugly!

We’re not a lead generating site… all our members have been invited on merit and skills, knowledge and experience, they can be contacted directly and are independent small businesses, not sub contractors working for companies.

We’ve compiled a quick guide to help you spot the fraudsters… be vigilant and happy internet shopping…

  •  Look out for land line numbers and not mobile only companies
  • If the website you are dealing with is passing on your details to 3rd parties, are they legitimate businesses
  • Do these 3rd parties have Privacy data policies in place?
  • Testimonials – are they checkable?
  • Who quotes for the work and who are you paying for the work?
  • When they turn up to work are they driving a van or private car? May seem a bit shallow but most decent tradesman will be driving a smart reliable sign written van, not the family station wagon!
  • Ask if the photographs of work on their site can be checked as theirs?
  • Be a good judge of character! If they have a personal profile picture… look into their eyes and think to yourself… would I trust that person in my home? sounds silly but try it…
  • Blogs! if you are reading a blog such as this one, look at the bottom of the page where the tags are… if the tags appear irrelevant to the actual blog; for example: they have tagged lots of towns for Sheffield and the blog is about a job in Nottingham, then either geography isn’t their best subject or you’ve got yourself a blagger!

Obviously there are lots of genuine people out there and the chances of being ripped off or scammed is very slim, if you are cautious and read between the lines…

Thank you for reading this blog and I hope it offers some guidance when choosing a Professional kitchen painter or any other trade or service into your home. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from HPKUK



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