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Painted Kitchens Warminster Wiltshire

Painted kitchens Warminster Wiltshire; this painted kitchen was carried out by one of our HPKUK specialist kitchen cabinet painters in the South West. 

painted kitchens Wiltshire

The client carried out an in-depth Google search through the list of kitchen cabinet painters in the Wiltshire area and found our website at the top of the search results, so contacted us for a quote.

kitchen painter Warminster

The project was this 15 year old bespoke oak kitchen in need of some TLC and a transformation. Our specialist kitchen painters are well rehearsed on this type of project and have carried out 100s of painted kitchens throughout 25 to 30 years experience in the trade.

Painted kitchen Warminster

This was an extremely beautiful space with a structurally sound kitchen. Unfortunately over the years it had become very dated and had oxidised, giving it quite an orange colour in appearance.(a very common occurrence with natural wood kitchens) The costs for replacement came in at such a huge financial outlay that the clients had decided to have their existing kitchen painted. Painted kitchens Warminster Wiltshire

Kitchen painter Wiltshire

With lots of advice and discussions, some important decisions were necessary on colour schemes to fit in with the clients existing themes throughout the house and so, it was decided on the equivalent colour choice of (Skylight) for the main kitchen cabinets and the stunning (Hague Blue) for the island; these would be matched into a specialist hard wearing and durable furniture paint system, which would ultimately give it the wow factor! Painted kitchens Warminster Wiltshire 

Painting kitchens Wiltshire

Several weeks later… we arrived to number code and dismantle the kitchen taking all the doors and drawer fronts to the workshop to sand and prep, prime and professionally finish. Once all the doors had received the meticulous, thorough process and had fully dried, they were all carefully wrapped and loaded into the van ready to be returned to the clients home. This is when the in situ work starts.

On completion of all the in-situ work came the refit of all the doors and drawer fronts. Copper handles were fitted to complement the chosen paint colours, with any adjustments and final tweaks made to ensure all doors and draws fitted and closed correctly. This project was now complete and saw some very happy customers indeed.

HPKUK Ltd Specialist Kitchen Painters

Our kitchen cabinet painters celebrate traditional craftsmanship, throughout the whole process using only the very best materials and our expert knowledge to create an exceptional finish that continues to set a precedent for high end kitchen painting. Painted kitchens Warminster Wiltshire  http://jsdecor.co.uk
If you have a project in the pipeline, for a truly unique painted kitchen idea, please feel free to contact HPKUK we will be happy to give you the benefit of our experience, and advise you on what is involved to achieve the end result you have in mind. kitchen painter bath

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